About Wenmin Chen

I am a Boston-based freelance user experience designer and front-end developer who specializes in beautiful, functional websites that are responsive, built using WordPress and the Genesis Framework.

I discovered that web design and development is a perfect blend of my visual sensibilities and programming background while taking a web development course for fun as an undergraduate at Cornell University. A seven-year stint as an actuary and an MBA degree later, I decided to pursue web design and development full time. My first site went live in 2010 and I have been designing and developing websites ever since. For a complete profile of my education and professional background, visit my Linkedin page. You can also find me on Github.

Whether it’s an information site, a blog, or an ecommerce website, I can help you craft a one-of-kind website that appeals to your target audience and caters to your personal style. If you are interested in my services, you can contact me for a custom quote.